LC Schmidt Signature Door Series

The L.C. Schmidt Signature Door Series offers a variety of wood species and standard door designs. This door series also offers the manufacturing flexibility to create custom panel arrangements and stile and rail variations in 1-3/8″, 1-3/4″ and 2-1/4″ thicknesses. Panel doors, French doors, louver doors and transom sashes are included in this series.

The Combination Door Company has put the best concepts to work as well as input from their people, suppliers and customers. These joint efforts, along with innovation, have helped create quality products since 1912. And this tradition continues with the L.C. Schmidt Signature Door Series.


The Combination Door Company is different than other companies.


CDC makes some of the finest doors in the world, and they pay the same attention to detail that small handcrafters do. But they also offer the short lead times, consistency and advanced technology of a larger company. Their doors are manufactured in many wood species, in a multitude of sizes, and they supply orders from one door to 5000.

Their skilled workers and 90,000 square feet of efficient manufacturing space produce top quality door products for customers more efficiently to meet today’s demands. There are a lot of differences between CDC and other companies. The biggest one is their workers are proud of what they do. That makes all the difference.