Custom Interior Wood Doors

Nearly 100 years of craftsmanship behind every beautiful door.

Are you planning to customize your interior doors? Then look no further, visit The Combination Door Company as we have many years of experience in customizing interior wood doors. Our professional team members strive to reach our customer’s needs and requirements. We are specialized in providing interior wood doors by using high-quality wood that adds natural beauty and warmth to the home.

The custom interior wood doors are manufactured with a slight difference compared with exterior doors as they don’t have the same pre-finishes or security locks like exterior doors. Interior wood doors are made with engineered lock and kick rails that are featured with solid wood. Interior wood doors are less expensive when compared with the wood finishes of exterior doors as they don’t have an upper coat to protect against the rain and other elements.

If you want to customize your interior wood doors and want to get experience with our company, call us at 920-922-2050 or drop us an email at


From left to right:
Walnut CDC-104,
Poplar CDC-108 CT Double Door,
Mahogany CDC-109


From left to right:
Hickory CDC-106 Inverted,
Red Oak CDC-730 Full Louver Bi-fold,
Douglas Fir CDC-22


From left to right:
Pine CDC-106 Flat Panel Shaker Style,
Red Oak CDC-106 Bi-fold,
Pine CDC-100 Flat Panel


From left to right:
Poplar CDC-107
Ash CDC-108
Pine CDC-732 Half Louver


From left to right:
Red Oak CDC-620 15 Lite V-Groove,
Cherry CDC-620 Elliptical Glass,
Birch CDC-625 10 Lite


Custom Doors